Get ready for what’s next with the ‘Rethink’ Information Series!

The global COVID-19 pandemic has challenged organisations in unprecedented ways. Most have moved past the initial reaction phase and are heavily entrenched in resilience – where the goal is to identify what will help the organisation succeed in the new normal.  In the midst of the current operating climate, knowing how to plan for ‘what’s next’ can be the difference between surviving and thriving.

How ready are you to meet what may be next?  Get prepared to succeed in the new normal using BDO’s ‘Rethink’ framework!  The framework, developed from the first-hand experience and insights of its teams across the globe, assists organisations to boost their organisational resilience for success.

IPAA Queensland is delighted to partner with BDO to bring you the ‘Rethink’ Information Series.

This information series examines five critical enablers of the Resilience phase

  1. Workforce transformation
  2. Reliable information
  3. Cyber security
  4. Reimagining business models
  5. Digital transformation

Designed for public sector leaders at all levels, including executives, the series guides you through the role that each enabler each can play in the decision making process and the important factors to consider as you look to the future.  Each enabler is further supported by tools available on the BDO website.

We kicked off the series with Workforce transformation The changes being experienced by employees are not a barrier to change, but present the ultimate opportunity to shape your organisation moving forward. 

Workforce transformation button

Followed by launching next two topics: Reliable informationbuild a data drive organisation,

Reliable information button

and Cyber securitybuild the capability to detect, respond, protect.

Cyber security button

This week we are introducing final two topics: Reimagining business modelsleverage the positive changes of the disruption,

and Digital transformation – digital capability as a problem solver, not problem maker.


For more tools and resources, including podcasts, about Building Resilience in the Rethink Framework, click HERE.

For additional information about how BDO supports public sector agencies, click HERE.


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