1. the acronym for the Institute of Public Administration Australia
  2. the professional association for public sector employees and others interested or engaged in public purpose work


IPAA Queensland is the professional association for public servants across Queensland and anyone interested or engaged in public purpose work.
IPAA’s mission is simple. We promote and enhance the professionalism, capability and integrity of public administration and pride in public service.

We do this through a strategic program of events and thought leadership forums that enable our members to build their connections, challenge their thinking and stay informed about topics and issues relevant to public purpose.

As a professional association, IPAA is uniquely positioned to bring people together from local, state and federal government and from private and not-for-profit organisations and universities who are engaged in public purpose work.

As an independent, apolitical organisation, IPAA provides a trusted platform for important discussions and debates.

IPAA is your professional association. Our priorities and agenda, shaped by your feedback, will prepare you for current and future challenges facing public administration. We will continue to evolve and look to expand our offerings in response to your interests and the ever-changing public sector landscape.

Becoming a member of IPAA Queensland demonstrates your personal commitment to your career and to the profession of public administration. Membership offers you exclusive development and networking opportunities and connects you with some of the most active and influential people engaged in public administration and public purpose.

If you’re a public servant or engaged in public purpose work, we encourage you to get to know and connect with IPAA Queensland.

Build connections. Challenge your thinking. Keep informed. It’s your IPAA.

Our Goals

IPAA Queensland is committed to:

  • Being the voice for the profession of public administration and public purpose work
    Challenge thinking and promote thought leadership
  • Elevate and promote the professionalism of the public sector
  • Connect individuals and organisations across all levels of government, academia, community and industry sectors across the state and have a strong regional presence
  • Advance the excellence, integrity and capability of public servants and those engaged in public purpose work.

Our History

IPAA’s origins go back almost 100 years – to 1922 when the Royal Institute of Public Administration was established in London.

Looking to the UK, Australian states followed suit with the first IPAA established in South Australia in 1927 followed by all states over the next four decades.

Today there are IPAA divisions in all states and territories across Australia whose individual and organisational members come from all tiers of government and the wider public administration and public purpose community.

A National Office provides support services for IPAA nationwide and a National Council, with representatives from each IPAA division, sets IPAA’s strategic direction.

IPAA continues to hold strong relationships with international public administration associations including the Institute of Public Administration New Zealand (IPANZ), the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) and the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA).

In Queensland, IPAA was established in 1953 and operated until 2012. After a five-year hiatus, the Queensland Government Chief Executive Leadership Board endorsed the re-establishment of IPAA and in May 2017, IPAA Queensland was softly relaunched.

Since that time, IPAA has re-engaged and connected well over 1500 public servants and leaders from non-government sectors with the delivery of a number of signature thought leadership events:

  • The inaugural Irene Longman Oration, in honour of Queensland’s first female elected to the Queensland Parliament – May 2017
  • A one-day forum addressing the power of place-based approaches to addressing complex, cross cutting policy challenges facing Queensland communities, held simultaneously across four locations: Logan, Rockhampton, Townsville, Cairns – May 2017
  • A chief executives and young professionals breakfast focusing on the important issue of diversity and inclusion in the workplace – February 2018
  • The Top 10 Young Leaders Awards (in partnership with Davidson) – June 2018
  • An afternoon forum, Queensland’s public sector: Fit for purpose. Fit for future., as part of an IPAA National event series across Australian capital cities (in partnership with Deloitte) – August 2018
  • The second Irene Longman Oration – November 2018
  •  A chief executives and young professionals breakfast in February 2019 on ‘The Future of Public Purpose Work’
  •  A full day forum in August 2019 attended by over 400 public purpose workers across the state

Along the way, IPAA Queensland has also delivered several ‘Stewards on the Couch’ events featuring Queensland chief executives sharing insights from their career and leadership journey and visions for public purpose work.

In November 2018, IPAA Queensland was registered as a not-for-profit association under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981.