As a young professional or new manager or leader, it can be challenging to establish your professional brand and build strong connections. IPAA Queensland provides opportunities for young professionals to set themselves apart, connect with peers and leaders across the sector, and keep informed on the latest thinking. Our events and resources support young professionals and new managers to become confident and capable leaders in their organisation.

What membership type is best for me?

Either the Digital Membership or Full Membership is recommended for Young Professionals.  Both levels offer a range of benefits and are priced to suit any budget.  As a full Member of IPAA Queensland you will receive discounted tickets to events and access to the latest thought leadership on public purpose topics.  Find out more here.

EVEnts and resources

For ease, we have sourced and compiled a range of events and resources most relevant to you. Please take your time to browse our recent blog and thought leadership pieces and register for any upcoming events that spark your interest. If there’s anything you’d like to see here, please get in touch with us as we are regularly creating new content and evolving our events program.


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Running, curiosity, and being of service – IPAA Queensland take 5 with Jasmina Joldić PSM before she takes to the couch

IPAA Queensland took a few moments to chat with Director-General for the Department of Justice and Attorney-General, Jasmina Joldić PSM in the lead up to her taking to the couch with Russell Fairbanks from Luminary in June 2024.  In the questions below, we seek to dig a bit deeper into her experience, life, and background

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A ‘fair go’ framework for policy?

By Andrew Wills, Director IPAA Queensland  It is widely believed that public policies should reflect the core desires and expectations of voting citizens. After all, it’s a key principle of democracy that governments should enact the values of the community through their decisions, reforms, budgets, services and investments.   In Australia, the idea of the ‘fair

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Count Her In: Accelerating Gender Equality Through Economic Empowerment

IPAA Queensland’s 2024 International Women’s Day ‘Stewards on the Couch’  Download the report prepared by IPAA Queensland and ANZSOG. ‘Progress is hard to win, it’s hard to maintain, and it’s important that we never take it for granted.’  IPAA Queensland was pleased to host over 150 public purpose professionals at our 2024 International Women’s Day

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Navigating the terrain during volatile times – Insights from our non-organisational members Spencer Maurice & Griffith Business School

In 2023, IPAA Queensland is delighted to extend our organisational memberships to organisations that work beyond public service; but that still operate within the public purpose sector.  Two of our inaugural non-government organisational members, Spencer Maurice and Griffith Business School shared their thoughts on the most pressing challenge facing the public purpose sector from their

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What are members saying?

A lot of people join Government because they want to make a difference to the community and IPAA can help in improving that difference we make.

Heidi Bushnell, Professional
Queensland Government

The experiences are amazing, and the relationships and the people you meet are incredible.

Dave Stewart, Executive
Queensland Government

IPAA provides a fantastic meeting place.  There aren’t many forums where you can bring together a really diverse group of stakeholders and talk about really topical issues.  IPAA does this really well.

Michael Hiller, Queensland Chairman

It is great to see IPAA thriving, bringing in so many people, the calibre of the people you meet is priceless.  I recommend everyone get involved and join in.

Fahim Khondaker, Professional

The forums, exceptional presentations –  it is learning in a relaxed way that you don’t see in other institutions.  I am very glad that IPAA is back in Queensland.

Katarina Carroll, Commissioner