As a young professional or new manager or leader, it can be challenging to establish your professional brand and build strong connections. IPAA Queensland provides opportunities for young professionals to set themselves apart, connect with peers and leaders across the sector, and keep informed on the latest thinking. Our events and resources support young professionals and new managers to become confident and capable leaders in their organisation.

What membership type is best for me?

Either the Digital Membership or Full Membership is recommended for Young Professionals.  Both levels offer a range of benefits and are priced to suit any budget.  As a full Member of IPAA Queensland you will receive discounted tickets to events and access to the latest thought leadership on public purpose topics.  Find out more here.

EVEnts and resources

For ease, we have sourced and compiled a range of events and resources most relevant to you. Please take your time to browse our recent blog and thought leadership pieces and register for any upcoming events that spark your interest. If there’s anything you’d like to see here, please get in touch with us as we are regularly creating new content and evolving our events program.


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The nature of reform, integrity, and working in public purpose: A wrap up of IPAA Queensland’s 2022 Irene Longman Oration

“People have stereotypes of public services. But there is a huge amount of really exciting work in government, and it is government at the end of the day which has to carry the burden of society’s heaviest challenges. And so, there is a real challenge there in enthusing people and in inspiring young people.” On

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Adaptability, Trust and Authenticity in Public Service: A New Era of Learning?

Highlights from the 2022 IPAA National Conference Governments at all levels in Australia, and indeed around the world, continue to experience the impacts of changing and polarising geopolitics, international tensions, economic instability, transformative and rapidly evolving technologies, emerging sciences, and data (in)security, as well as the ongoing and as yet unknown long-term impacts of COVID-19.

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IPAA National Fellow Queensland: Rachel Hunter PSM

IPAA Queensland is privileged to announce that Ms Rachel Hunter PSM, Director-General of the Department of Premier and Cabinet has been awarded the IPAA National Fellowship for 2022. With a career in public purpose leadership spanning more than thirty years, Ms Hunter has made a significant contribution to the practice of public administration and the

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Rethinking Crises – Achieving Resilience in a Post-COVID World

How do we manage increasing complexity and uncertainty? And how do we deliver public services that can adapt dynamically to crises? Last week I attended the IPAA Queensland Challenger Series event – Rethinking Crises and Achieving Resilience in a Post- COVID World, where the panel explored how system approaches can be used in the public

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What are members saying?

A lot of people join Government because they want to make a difference to the community and IPAA can help in improving that difference we make.

Heidi Bushnell, Professional
Queensland Government

The experiences are amazing, and the relationships and the people you meet are incredible.

Dave Stewart, Executive
Queensland Government

IPAA provides a fantastic meeting place.  There aren’t many forums where you can bring together a really diverse group of stakeholders and talk about really topical issues.  IPAA does this really well.

Michael Hiller, Queensland Chairman

It is great to see IPAA thriving, bringing in so many people, the calibre of the people you meet is priceless.  I recommend everyone get involved and join in.

Fahim Khondaker, Professional

The forums, exceptional presentations –  it is learning in a relaxed way that you don’t see in other institutions.  I am very glad that IPAA is back in Queensland.

Katarina Carroll, Commissioner