About these events                          

IPAA Queensland’s Mastercraft Seminar Series is the latest in our original and unique program of initiatives aimed at supporting and developing the public purpose sector in Queensland.

These events are designed to deliver the latest information and thinking on core areas of knowledge for all public service professionals. These aim to promote evidence-based and thoughtful practice in public policy and public management, and to develop essential knowledge and skills in the craft of public administration (particularly amongst young professionals and those new to public service).

Delivered in an engaging and sharp format, including relevant and interesting case examples and lots of opportunity for Q&A, the Mastercraft Series will become a sort-after addition to our annual program.

The series are offered free to IPAA Queensland individual members and organisational member employees in alignment with our mission to build the capability, professionalism and integrity of public service in Queensland.

Who should attend?

All public purpose professionals interested in the latest knowledge and thinking in public policy and public management.

Registration is complimentary for individual members of IPAA Queensland and organisational member employees.