IPAA Queensland offers professional development and networking opportunities for managers and executives involved or engaged in public purpose work across Queensland. Through our strong relationships with local, state and federal government, academics and leaders from industry and community organisations, IPAA is uniquely positioned to provide you with professional development, resources and networking opportunities to support you on your leadership journey.

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For ease, we have sourced and compiled a range of events and resources most relevant to you. Please take your time to browse our recent blog and thought leadership pieces and register for any upcoming events that spark your interest. If there’s anything you’d like to see here, please get in touch with us as we are regularly creating new content and evolving our events program.


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Five ways to cultivate leaders in your team

Whilst there are several ways public servants can enter leadership roles across agencies, there is also a growing focus across the public service to develop and nurture leadership talent from within. Though developing, valuing and supporting public servants at all levels is behaviour to get behind, there are several ways that agency culture can determine

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Agile in Action – Embedding the SAFe® Framework at the Department of Human Services

Embedding an agile way of working, such as the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®), within an organisation is no easy feat. It generally involves completely reshaping how a business operates, evolving team members’ roles and responsibilities, developing social contracts and setting non-negotiables for behaviours? – and all these elements require the buy in and involvement of

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Epics, Features and Sprints – Oh My! The prioritisation process at the Department of Human Services

The nomenclature around SAFe® and other agile processes can look complicated and seem overwhelming. However, the SAFe® process followed at the Department of Human Services’ Business Transformation Branch is nothing short of a well-oiled machine using rigorous agile procedures. Every 12 weeks, the Business Transformation Branch follows the below procedure to collate, analyse, advocate, prioritise,

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Consider your influence and your impact: IPAA Queensland’s 2020 CEO/YP Breakfast

IPAA Queensland was delighted to host nearly 600 public purpose workers at its flagship annual Chief Executives & Young Professionals Breakfast this week at the iconic Brisbane City Hall. Professionals from across state, local and federal Governments, consulting and university sectors converged to hear about IPAA Queensland’s 2020 theme and the day’s topic ‘It’s Time.

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What are members saying?

A lot of people join Government because they want to make a difference to the community and IPAA can help in improving that difference we make.

Heidi Bushnell, Professional
Queensland Government

The experiences are amazing, and the relationships and the people you meet are incredible.

Dave Stewart, Executive
Queensland Government

IPAA provides a fantastic meeting place.  There aren’t many forums where you can bring together a really diverse group of stakeholders and talk about really topical issues.  IPAA does this really well.

Michael Hiller, Queensland Chairman

It is great to see IPAA thriving, bringing in so many people, the calibre of the people you meet is priceless.  I recommend everyone get involved and join in.

Fahim Khondaker, Professional

The forums, exceptional presentations –  it is learning in a relaxed way that you don’t see in other institutions.  I am very glad that IPAA is back in Queensland.

Katarina Carroll, Commissioner