Introducing our new Council Member – Dr Graham Fraine

“I believe that now, as much as I ever have, there is no better place to work to make both large scale change for our communities, and at the same time make the small changes that matter for individuals – how lucky are we that we can do both at the same time!” – Graham Fraine on the value the public purpose sector provides to the community.

IPAA Queensland is delighted to announce the joining of another key public purpose leader to our Council – Graham Fraine.

Graham is currently the Director-General Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water and has had a vast public service career in Queensland, with over 27 years’ experience in public policy, program development and service delivery across state and local government. Graham has previously held Deputy Director-General roles in DPC, Transport and Main Roads and served as the Deputy Under Treasurer in Queensland Treasury.

As announced recently, Graham will soon commence as the CEO of the Brisbane Coordination Office. In this role Graham will be responsible for government coordination, planning and delivery of the Brisbane 2032 Games, working closely with the Brisbane 2032 Organising Committee (the OCOG) and other Games Partners.

This includes overseeing the State’s commitments (including financial and legal commitments) associated with guarantees given to the International Olympic Committee; leading strategic stakeholder engagement within government and with the OCOG and Games Delivery Partners (including communications and media); leading policy development; overseeing the performance of the Brisbane 2032 infrastructure and legacy programs (in consultation with DSDILGP and DTIS); responsibility for whole of government Games coordination and reporting; and implementing Brisbane 2032 portfolio governance arrangements, including a Program Management Office, budget development and benefits realisation framework.

His strong passion for working in the public service is evident and he values the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of Queenslanders as well as to give back to the community. Graham is known for his strategic leadership that inspires a strong sense of purpose and his extensive experience across government sees him bring a broad whole-of-sector perspective to the role.

In 2018, Graham was awarded the Public Service Medal for outstanding public service to social science research and policy development in Queensland. Graham also holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from James Cook University of North Queensland and a PhD from the Queensland University of Technology.

We warmly welcome Graham to his leadership position with the IPAA Queensland Council and we look forward to his contributions towards supporting the broader public purpose community to build connections, keep informed, and challenge their thinking.

To hear more about Graham’s leadership approach and values, see our summary of his Stewards on the Couch session with Dr Anne Tiernan from 2022.


About the IPAA Queensland Council:

IPAA Queensland Inc is a not-for-profit, member-based association incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (Qld). Our Association Model Rules (the Rules) set out IPAA Queensland’s governance arrangements. The principal governing body is the Council whose members are elected by members of the association.

The functions and powers of the Council are set out in Clause 21 of the Rules and are broadly defined as having the general control and management of the administration of the affairs, property and funds of IPAA Queensland. Overall, the Council provides strategic direction and oversight of activities and reports annually to association members on IPAA Queensland’s performance. They also serve as active champions of the association and its value proposition.

Council members, who must be individual members of the association, are elected by the association’s members for a two-year term but are eligible to re-nominate for another term. Council also includes three office bearers – President, Secretary and Treasurer.