Introducing our new Council leadership

2023 brings not only a fresh year for IPAA Queensland, with several events and updates on the horizon, but also rejuvenation of our Council leadership.

Following the announcement from our former President, Ian Stewart AO late last year that he was stepping down to support renewal of leadership following his successful three year term, we are delighted to welcome Deidre Mulkerin as President, and Tanya Hornick as Vice President and Secretary of IPAA Queensland.

A long-standing public purpose worker, Deidre Mulkerin is the Director-General (DG) of the Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs (DCYJMA), a role she has held since February 2020.

Deidre had dedicated her career to making a difference for children, young people and families, and continues to show her commitment to this in her role as DG. Deidre has a clear passion for ensuring that the voices of young people are heard and also remains focussed on walking alongside our First Nations partners and communities to give the space for true partnership in decision-making.

“I think the true value is in the services provided to the community quietly and with respect every single day – doctors, nurses, teachers, police, engineers and my own colleagues working with the most disadvantaged children and families in the community. In a time of global disruption, every community has relied upon the dedication and professionalism of public purpose agencies.” – Deidre Mulkerin


For more details regarding Deidre’s bio and experience, check out the IPAA Queensland website here.


Tanya Hornick, Strategic Partnership Manager (Queensland), Australian Bureau of Statistics

Joining Deidre in holding the leadership reigns of IPAA Queensland is Tanya Hornick, who takes on addition responsibilities as Vice President on top of her existing role as Secretary.  A strategic engager and relationship manager who has dedicated her career to public service, Tanya brings a wealth of public purpose experience to the IPAA Queensland Council and is an active participant in driving our organisation’s strategic agenda and co-chairing IPAA Queensland’s Emerging Leaders Working Group.

“I believe that the value that the sector provides the community is through services, regulation, laws and other actions that serve the common good and development of society. For me, one of the important areas where the public purpose sector provides value to the community is in the values and standards to which the sector promotes, are embedded in all that we do and holds us to account, and therefore models for society and illustrates what is expected.” –
Tanya Hornick



We warmly welcome Deidre and Tanya into their leadership positions within the IPAA Queensland Council and we look forward to collaborating with them to supporting the broader public purpose community to build connections, keep informed, and challenge their thinking.

Deidre and Tanya are joined by IPAA Queensland Treasurer Neil Scales Director-General, Department of Transport and Main Roads, who continues to provide expertise and stewardship through this role.

On behalf of the IPAA Queensland Council we are happy to advise that former President, Ian Stewart AO was presented in December 2022 with the inaugural award of an Honorary Life Membership to IPAA Queensland in recognition of his outstanding and long-term contribution to IPAA and personal dedication to public purpose work. We wish him well and look forward to his continuing involvement as an ongoing member.



About the Council:

 IPAA Queensland Inc is a not-for-profit, member-based association incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (Qld). Our Association Model Rules (the Rules) set out IPAA Queensland’s governance arrangements. The principal governing body is the Council whose members are elected by members of the association.

The functions and powers of the Council are set out in Clause 21 of the Rules and are broadly defined as having the general control and management of the administration of the affairs, property and funds of IPAA Queensland. Overall, the Council provides strategic direction and oversight of activities and reports annually to association members on IPAA Queensland’s performance. They also serve as active champions of the association and its value proposition.

Council members, who must be individual members of the association, are elected by the association’s members for a two-year term but are eligible to re-nominate for another term. Council also includes three office bearers – President, Secretary and Treasurer.