IPAA Queensland is excited to announce the establishment of our Young Professionals Working Group.

The working group was formed as part of IPAA Queensland’s priority for delivering initiatives that meet the needs of young professionals engaged in public purpose work. IPAA Queensland recognises that young professionals are the future leaders of our public service and public purpose organisations and have an important role to play as public service and public purpose work stewards of the future.

The working group will provide an important opportunity for young professionals from IPAA Queensland member organisations and IPAA individual members to contribute to our vision, direction and activities. This cadre of young public servants and public purpose workers are well positioned to provide guidance and advice to ensure that IPAA activities are relevant and engaging to new professionals and up-and-coming leaders.

The group had their first meeting on Monday 14 February 2022.  IPAA Queensland Council Secretary Tanya Hornick (Strategic Partnership Manager, Queensland, Australian Bureau of Statistics) and Council Member Deidre Mulkerin (Director-General, Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs) will provide stewardship and mentoring to the group.

The group includes young professionals from across Queensland and Commonwealth public service and public purpose organisations as well as the University sector.

Young Professionals Working Group members:

  • Casey Bruekers, Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs
  • Jeff Ikin, Environment and Science
  • Jenna-Maree Jacob, Public Service Commission
  • Josh Lowe, Australia Post
  • Lucy Matthews, Public Service Commission
  • Richard Nguon, Translink
  • Regan Vella, Department of Social Services
  • Sydney Wilson, Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs
  • Dr Miriam Yates, University of Queensland
  • Colleen Bright, Office of Industrial Relations

At the first meeting the group discussed the value of IPAA Queensland to young professionals and how IPAA Queensland has an important role to play in elevating leadership skills and capability and providing networking across the public purpose ecosystem.

Young professional working group member Lucy Matthews from Public Service Commission said “I feel really honoured to be involved in work that helps to improve the lives of people across Queensland.  I think that being part of the IPAA Queensland Young Professionals Working Group will help to take this even further by helping IPAA to reach out to and engage with other young professionals like me”.

Tanya Hornick (IPAA Queensland Council Secretary) was equally as positive about the group. “It was wonderful to meet with young professionals and see the energy and enthusiasm they have for public purpose work. We are so pleased to have the group up and running and to listen to and amplify their voices into the work of IPAA Queensland” she said.

Deidre Mulkerin (IPAA Queensland Council Member) said “It is so important as senior leaders that we provide a positive and inclusive journey for young and emerging leaders as they start their careers in public service. IPAA Queensland has such an important role in this and we are excited to hear how we can deliver purpose-fit development for young and emerging leaders across the government and public purpose sectors”.

Dr Miriam Yates, another working group member from University of Queensland said I am impressed with the commitment and engagement from Tanya and Deidre – both very busy senior public servants – to supporting the groups success. Their willingness to allocate time and resources to the group illustrates their genuine commitment to fostering IPAA Queensland’s engagement with young professionals”.

IPAA Queensland looks forward to an exciting year ahead as the working groups shapes up their areas of focus.

Are you a young professional and keen to get involved? Contact the IPAA team for more information at ipaaqld@psc.qld.gov.au.


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