Place rediscovered – Citizens, politics, and public purpose: ANNUAL FORUM PODCAST

The political landscape across most Western democracies has never been more turbulent, particularly so in Australia during the last 10 years. Governments are changing more frequently as are Prime Ministers and Premiers. At the federal level between 1999 and 2009, there was one change of Government and one change of Prime Minister (at the 2007 election) while from 2009 to 2019, there were five Prime Ministers.

When political turbulence and volatility are the new normal, what are the implications for the public service? How does the institution of public service prosecute a purpose agenda in such an environment? How are they responding to changing citizen and community expectations? And local communities – what are their opportunities to influence place-based solutions?

Understanding the context in which public purpose work is undertaken is essential.

In the final podcast from our Annual Forum – Delivering public purpose work in the next economyProfessor Anne Tiernan explored the impact and implications of national politics on public services and on the design and delivery of policies and services at a state and local level with political journalist Annabel Crabb.

View Anne’s reflections on the conversation with Annabel and her insights on this important topic in our podcast conducted by another award-winning journalist – Nance Haxton.

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