IPAA Queensland’s top 5

Over the past few months, IPAA Queensland has been delighted to share content about a wide range of public purpose topics with you.  From pearls of wisdom from some senior executives, to sharing details about the ways in which technology has shaped the way we work.

We thought now was a great time to share the top 5 to date – and to give you a chance to catch up on some fantastic articles you may have missed.

How technology has changed the public service (and will continue to do so…)

It is broadly accepted that technology has, and will continue to shift how we work in the public service. Shifting from typing pools and word processing to the advancement of big data, digital disruption and artificial intelligence – the magnitude of change has been extraordinary and the pace of change looks set to increase. How we operate and use technology to develop and deliver programs and services to the communities we serve will also continue to evolve.

IPAA Queensland took a moment to ask some members of its Advisory Council about major technological changes during their tenure.  Check out the full article here.

Does being a woman influence your leadership style?  We ask Katarina Carroll…

Over the course of 2018, IPAA Queensland explored the theme of ‘Inclusion and Diversity’. This theme carried through a range of forums and events for the year and placed a spotlight on current issues and trends around developing a public service that is reflective of the communities served. In May 2018, we sat down with Commissioner Katarina Carroll from Queensland Fire and Emergency Service (QFES) as part of our ‘On the Couch’ series. A question from the crowd asked the Commissioner about whether her gender has impacted her leadership style.  Check out her full response in our article here.

Don’t wait to be tapped on the shoulder…

It is easy as a young professional engaged in public purpose work to dutifully come into the office every day and diligently perform your role.  It is what you were hired to do.  Your colleagues respect you and your bosses speak highly of your performance.  You feel like you are achieving great things…so why haven’t you been tapped on the shoulder for the next challenge?  Find out some great responses from some senior leaders in our article here.

What advice would you give your new career self?

Hindsight is a delightful thing. We often spend so much time reflecting on the job opportunities we missed, the ones that passed us by, and thinking about the jobs that might come our way. We ask some of our esteemed IPAA Advisory Council members what advice they would give their early career selves. The responses are simple…and fantastic.  Check out the full article here.

Leaning in to servant leadership – pearls of wisdom from Rachel Hunter

At IPAA Queensland’s most recent ‘Stewards on the Couch’ event with Acting Director-General of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet Rachel Hunter, she discussed a range of topics about her career journey with journalist Madonna King. During the discussion, the subject of being a leader in an organisation whose focus is about content you have limited knowledge came up – check out her brilliant response in the full article here.

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