Deloitte 2019 Global Human Capital Trends Report: An IPAA Queensland Summary

Deloitte 2019 Global Human Capital Trends Report
Leading the Social Enterprise: Reinvent with a Human Focus
An IPAA Queensland summary

IPAA Queensland is delighted to present a short summary of the latest edition of Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends report. Given the importance of public purpose work to the global economy, it comes as no surprise that the reinvention of social enterprises with a human focus is the key theme.

As highlighted in the report, and depending on your organisation’s readiness and need to change, reinvention can happen in one of three ways:

Refresh – Update and improve the way things happen now
Rewire – Create new connections that change strategic direction, or
Recode – Start over and design from scratch

Either way there are two aspects of the reinvention process that remain constant; 1) it must involve technology, and 2) it must be bold enough change to meet the challenges that the social enterprise presents. It is not about tinkering around the edges. A renewed human focus in a world where profits meet purpose, talent trumps technology, and the social enterprise reigns supreme.

We took a deep dive into the report and summarised the key take-aways.

The Future of the WorkforceThe future of the organisationThe future of HR
The alternative workforceFrom employee experience to human experienceAccessing talent: It’s more than acquisition
For years, many considered contract, freelance and gig employment to be ‘alternative work’. Today, this segment of the workforce has grown and become more mainstream as talent markets have tightened.

If the economy continues to grow, organisations must be more flexible in adapting to these new work arrangements.
A significant challenge is the need to improve what is often called the ‘employee experience’. Currently it is falling short in that it fails to capture the need for meaning in work that people are looking for.

There is an opportunity to refresh and reform the employee experience to that of the ‘human experience’; building on understanding worker’s aspirations to connect to work and the impact it has on the organisation and society as a whole.
Recruiting is becoming harder than ever. As the job market remains competitive, it is time for organisations to rethink how they can access talent in varying ways; mobilising internal resources, finding people in the alternative workforce, and leverage technology to augment sourcing and recruiting productivity.
From jobs to superjobOrganisational performanceLearning in the flow of life
As organisations adopt more technologies including AI, robotics, automation and cognitive technologies, they are finding that every job changes – and that the jobs of the future are multi-disciplinary, digital and more data driven.

In order to leverage the technology, organisations must redesign jobs in order to focus on finding the ‘human’ dimension of work. This is what is called the ‘superjob’ – jobs that combine parts of traditional jobs into integrated roles that leverage productivity efficiencies.
Many leaders do not know how to operate in teams and have not yet adopted the team model of engaging with each other.

Technology is making team models easier; organisations must now refresh the rest of their talent practices in order to keep up.
The number one trend for 2019 is the need for organisations to change the way people learn.

Evolving work demands and skills requirements are creating an enormous demand for new skills and capabilities, while a tight labour market is making it challenging for organisations to hire people rom outside.

Effective reinvention requires a culture that supports continuous learning, incentives that motivate people to take advantage of learning opportunities and focus on helping individuals identify and develop new skills.
Leadership for the 21st centuryRewards: Closing the gapTalent mobility: winning the war on the home front
Leaders must take a nuanced approach to pursuing traditional business goals; including leading through change, embracing ambiguity, understanding digital, cognitive and AI driven technologies to get there.Organisations are exploring more and more ways to reward and motivate their people.

However, workers are keen to see rewards align to organisational values; and businesses are just not keeping up.
Organisations can no longer expect to source and hire enough people with all the capabilities they need to thrive. Mobility should be perceived as a natural, normal progression instead of a major change in one’s career.

Opportunities should be extended to workers at all levels and technology should be leveraged to enable a streamlined mobility process.
HR cloud: A launch pad, not a destination
Cloud computing has gone mainstream, and organisations have invested significantly on new, engaging and personalised HR platforms.

Organisations must rethink their HR technology strategy, considering cloud as a foundation and exploring innovative platforms to complement their core systems.

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