Navigating the terrain during volatile times – Insights from our non-organisational members Spencer Maurice & Griffith Business School

In 2023, IPAA Queensland is delighted to extend our organisational memberships to organisations that work beyond public service; but that still operate within the public purpose sector. 

Two of our inaugural non-government organisational members, Spencer Maurice and Griffith Business School shared their thoughts on the most pressing challenge facing the public purpose sector from their perspective, and how they contribute to facing this challenge head on.  We invite you to #keepinformed as to this new IPAA Queensland offering and why you should #buildconnections.  


Spencer Maurice: Sebastian Rice, Managing Director 

The most pressing challenge in the public purpose sector is the multifaceted demand to deliver quality services efficiently, manage budgets, address complex issues, assess impact, introduce reforms, and adapt to evolving expectations. Furthermore, the ever-present threat of climate change necessitates a holistic approach in planning, investment, and service delivery. Navigating this intricate landscape while meeting stakeholder expectations presents a significant hurdle for public sector agencies. 

SpencerMaurice is an Australian-owned consultancy that prides itself on delivering exceptional quality and support in a range of services. Whether you need independent reviews, business strategy, transformation, performance reviews, governance and risk management, or organisational design, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals. 

We work with public sector organisations, large enterprises, and social enterprises that operate in highly regulated environments. We understand the challenges and opportunities of working in these contexts, where you have to balance strategic goals, customers, workforce, community stakeholders, and government policy. Our consultants are seasoned professionals who lead and deliver our engagements with integrity and excellence. 


Griffith Business School:  Professor Susan Harris Rimmer, Griffith University 

Politics in Queensland are often volatile, and we see polarisation occurring. We are concerned with threats to democracy, combined with disruptions to social cohesion caused by the challenges that will be caused by climate change adaptation. Our state is so behind other places in our efforts to adapt and mitigate climate change and yet Queensland is on the frontline. 

Griffith’s Climate Action Beacon seeks to develop the knowledge, leadership, capacity and responses to enable effective and just climate action throughout society, but also through good governance.  

Climate Action Beacon is a platform for the development of collaborative, interdisciplinary research and partnerships that establish change in practice and catalysts for climate action. One example is the Queensland Climate Ready program. This three-year program focused on strengthening institutional climate risk management within the Queensland Government by supporting the implementation of the adaptation action plan – Managing Climate Risk: Actions for Queensland Government. The plan aims for a whole-of-government climate risk management approach to policies and processes, investments, services and actions.  

Climate Action Beacon research is focussed on climate motivations, transitions and justice. In addition to research, the beacon aims to empower practice and provide education. 


About our Non-Government Organisational Memberships: 

 Membership supports the professional development of your workforce, particularly your current senior leaders and emerging leaders. It supports leaders to be at the cutting edge of thinking and practice in public administration, and to build their networks with others engaged in the profession or who support public purpose work – industry and community organisations, tertiary institutions and local, state, and federal government agencies. 

Organisational membership supports IPAA Queensland’s mission of enhancing the capability and professionalism of public administration across Queensland. It makes a statement. It says that your organisation is genuinely committed to making an important contribution towards achieving better outcomes for Queenslanders. Membership achieves this by supporting growth in thought‐leadership within your organisation and the public purpose sector more broadly. 

Our organisational memberships are open to government departments, agencies and statutory bodies at local, state and federal levels throughout Queensland. We also welcome memberships from private and not-for-profit organisations that are engaged in public purpose and from universities.