In May this year, IPAA Queensland hosted its fourth annual Chief Executives and Young Professionals Breakfast, Creating change: Purpose, ethics, impact, at Brisbane City Hall.

The gathering of almost 450 young professionals with their chief and senior leaders was informed, challenged, and inspired by the personal stories of four young social entrepreneurs – Camille Socquet-Clerc (founder of Bloom Impact Investing), Will Smith-Stubbs (co-founder of spur: and spur:org), Sabrina Chakori (founder of the Brisbane Tool Library) and Taj Pabari (founder and CEO of the Australian School of Entrepreneurship, ASE).

In a previous blog post – see 2021 CEO & YP Breakfast Takeaways – we shared excerpts from their stories on finding their purpose and passion to make the world a better place, their experiences and the lessons they learned (and are learning) along the way for creating change in important policy challenges.

The event showcased the rich diversity of individuals, organizations and sectors that are making a positive difference for clients and communities and highlighted the value of working across sectors for greater impact.

Camille spoke about her mission to save the planet through the power of financial investing. Will shared a deeply personal story on his passion to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people. Sabrina told us about a tool library for sharing and re-using all sorts of things from power tools, to camping gear, to household items. Taj spoke about the importance of preparing young people to meet the future through educational programs that foster imagination and entrepreneurship.

But there was so much more! Moderator for the event Tom Allen, CEO of Impact Boom, sat down with the four speakers for a lively and engaging discussion that explored –

How do you start? How do you get your idea off the ground? Did any particular methodologies, tools or processes help you get started? And keep going?

Do you need to personally experience the problem to really understand and therefore take it on? How do you use that experience?

How did you create and sustain successful partnerships for addressing policy problems?

Why do you think the social enterprise model is on the rise?  How can governments engage with social enterprises for addressing policy challenges?

Pursuing passion and purpose is hard work. How do you manage the intensity? How do you sustain yourself?

What is one lesson worth sharing?

Enjoy the panel discussion with Tom and speakers – Camille, Will, Sabrina and Taj.  About 20 minutes.