The global race to successfully vaccinate for the COVID-19 virus is proving to be a tough one.

Since IPAA Queensland’s first pop-up webinar, Meeting the 4×4 challenge: Preparing for the Australian COVID-19 vaccine delivered in partnership with McKinsey & Company on 22 September (see wrap-up here), many lessons have been learned with rapid vaccine deployment a key to accelerating economic return.

McKinsey’s recent podcast updated listeners on the state of roll-out globally, with Senior Partners Lieven Van der Veken and Tania Zulu Holt speaking about the 6As Framework for Vaccination. You can access the podcast here.

The 6As Framework was co-developed by Dr Brindan Suresh, MD who led IPAA Queensland’s September discussion on the need to move at 4 times the speed, 4 times the scale to produce and deliver a vaccine four times more quickly than the previous record and cover a population four times greater than ever before.

The Framework highlights the challenges of accelerating pace of delivery, planning amid uncertainty, delivering multiple programs of different vaccines to different populations simultaneously, and the need for security in the cold chain to support supply.

Global data shows that worldwide 3.7% of the population has been fully vaccinated. Israel, Chile, the US and UK are among leading nations with a range from 23% of UK citizens and over 56% of Israelis fully vaccinated (at 6 May 2021).

As at 6 May, 2,473,529 doses had been administered in Australia, 77,215 of which were in the last 24 hours. Much of the mammoth task of vaccinating Australian lies ahead.

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