What are the skills of a high performing public service? We break down the OECD Report…

Big data, AI, transformation, agile work flows, dynamic leadership – the number of buzz words surrounding the future of public purpose work are coming in thick and fast. But – what skills do people actually need in order to be a successful and impactful public servant?

The OECD recently released a report about the skills that high performing civil servants (and by extension public purpose workers) need, and IPAA Queensland has broken them down for you. The future public servant in essence will embody the below skills and talents:

Needs civil servants who are:Qualified
Values driven
Outcomes driven
Evidence based
Future oriented
Data literate
Citizen centred
In a civil service which is:Merit based
Capable of integrating soft skills, ethics, talent management (future potential vs. past performance)
Able to structure the right balance of generalist and specialist professions and career paths
Attractive to skilled job seekers
Planned and managed to ensure the right skills and competencies are effectively allocated to areas of current and emerging need
Future oriented and responsive
Open and collaborative cultures, leadership and management
Autonomous (eg. Work design)
Learning oriented
Led by Senior Civil Servants who are:Trusted policy advisors and effective transactional managersTransformational leaders, change managersCollaborative leaders and adaptive managers

As expanded on in the OECD report, today’s public sector is changing. Agencies and organisations need to evolve to be agile and adaptable to the changing public purpose landscape.

Noteworthy in this list are ‘citizen-centred’, ‘open and collaborative cultures’ and ‘collaborative leaders’ – all are essential for bringing sectors together for the successful development and delivery of services to the community.

Public purpose employees, whether from government or non-government organisations, must keep up with the change. Falling behind is no longer an option!

So – what are you doing as a public purpose worker, and what steps is your organisation taking to pave the path for the future?

For more information on this topic, check out this great report from PWC, ‘Workforce planning in the Public Sector’ .

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