Make change happen fast

Change at speed occurs when the people, process, tools used to execute change work in perfect unison. Let’s take a closer look at each of the elements required to make change happen quickly and explore why they are vital to effective change and transformation.


Management at the top of the change process must be confident in the process and add credibility to keep the workforce motivated and inspired by the change.

Rather than being a micro-manager with a ‘never say die’ approach, they must hold instincts as to ‘how’ and ‘why’ the change must occur and how to encourage and, in some ways, ‘push’ the team to achieve.

The adage of ‘getting the right people on the bus’ is also a key skill of the management team sitting at the core of change. Earning the buy-in of the team executing the change is key, as well as recruiting the right staff and developing the right skills in existing team members.

There needs to be a shared vision, a certain level of autonomy, and an intrinsic sense of curiosity and motivation to get the change in place.


Active participation of all team members involved in the transformation is key. Weekly, bi-weekly ‘sprint’ meetings and adhering to some key agile project management formats can be the difference between success and failure.

Ensuring that these meetings have regularity, as well as specific terms of reference, agenda’s, minutes and actions keeps everyone on the team focused and accountable. These meetings can also diagnose blockages and support the solutions to repair them and bring the change process back on track.


Reporting systems, infrastructure, spreadsheets, software, hardware are all tools that managers can draw on to support the change process.

Benchmarking, progress reports, visual management and planning aids can be valuable tools to ensure the transformation keeps on track, as well as support the evaluation process post implementation. These systems should support early detection of issues, people and task management and create user-friendly and digestible reports.

The tools you use support the activity – and need to be to spec’d to help you.

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