Four behaviours all great leaders need to have

There are four key behaviours that all great leaders in public purpose need to have. The below behaviours will help in shaping strategy, deep diving into complex issues (and of course formulating creative solutions), and forging trust and confidence in your teams. At IPAA, we help break them down.

1. Effective problem solving

Gathering information, analysing it, evaluating your options and solutions and taking action. These are imperative processes for a great leader to undertake. Often time with both simple concerns as well as complex problems. There are also a range of options for state government public leaders to seek additional training if this is an area you feel you need further development.

2. Strong results orientation

Setting goals, objectives and KPI’s for yourself and your team is only half the battle. The other half is putting strategies, tactics into action and achieving results. Emphasising efficiency, but also effectiveness is a core trait of every great leader.

3. Curious and analytical mindset

Being agile to changes in the public service, the community, the broader corporate market and monitoring change and trends is important as a leader. Keeping your eyes and ears to the ground and encouraging your employees to do the same is vital in ensuring you can differentiate between minor hiccups and distractions, and major paradigm shifts that can impact your agency. Basing goals and actions on data and sound analysis are equally important to avoid any bias.

4. Supportive

Leaders who are supportive also showcase their authenticity. Being sincere towards your team aids in building trust and allows for inspiration and engagement organically. Different situations call for different styles of leadership, and it is important for leaders to tap into different styles when the time and place requires; but for leaders looking to develop their own skills, and the skills of their team, being supportive and genuine is important.

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